What are you kicking out this September?

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What are you kicking out this September?

When it comes to kicking things out of our lives that really don’t serve us, we could all do with a little support.

Perhaps your sugar consumption could get the boot, your body does better when you kick out dairy foods, gluten has been giving you a gut-ache or it’s time to quit that daily chocolate fix.

Whatever it is, you know in your heart what you need to kick out… and it might not be food or drink related.

As part of Kicktember, we want to support you to kick out the things that no longer serve you for the month of September.

When we remove something, we can knowingly or unknowingly feel deprived. Which we want to avoid, because that’s when we’re more likely to down an entire packet of biscuits, text our ex a love poem, devour a tub of ice cream or binge watch reality TV on Netflix—basically we end up overdoing the thing we’re trying to kick out.

So, it’s important we also ‘kick in’ some goodness. This is why we’ve put together the ultimate Bio Blends Kicktember Kit.

Everyone who signs up to Kicktember receives:

  • 1 x Bio Blends Organic Daily Greens and Radiant Reds
  • 1 x Bio Blends Liver Love
  • 1 x Bio Blends Organic Zinc Extract
  • 1 x Kick In, Kick Out Challenge card
  • 2 x weekly emails from Dr Libby
  • 4 x educational videos from Dr Libby
  • Chances to win prizes (valued up to $2,400)

Kicktember Kits are sent out as soon as you sign up and we start together on 1 September 2022.

Kicktember Community

Do you know what would make Kicktember even more fun? Getting your mates in on the journey!

Could your office commit to quitting decadent morning teas for the month? Would your flatmates be willing to take a break from Ubereats with you? Perhaps your sister might also like to drop the wine for September? Or your besties could be convinced to quit sugar for the month.

Kicking out is even better when you have a team of people doing it too, this is why we give you access to our Kicktember forum so you can give and receive support for the month.

Challenge kick starts on 1 September 2022. Sign up before 23 August 2022 to receive your Kicktember Kit in time.